she looks like you



title; bliss
rating; yay! quick!
ship; puck/quinn || quick

the air isn’t as thick around them as it was before.

thanks to lucy for the mini-prompt!

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The ride to New Haven is exhausting, and by the end of it the motorcycle he’d been so confident about spending so much of his stash on looks like a dirty hunk of junk. 

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this is what I love about these two.  He’s holding her so tightly and he’s so happy.  He gets to share this triumphant moment with the girl he loves and loves him back, the girl that helped him get to this moment, the girl that believed in him when no one else did, the girl that cleared his head and reminded him who he really was.  He passed and he’s so happy and she’s so proud of him and it just shows in this moment just how much they really mean to each other.  She was the first one to get to share this with him and it’s just perfect.  This is why Quick is endgame and the best couple on the show! 


You’re the guy that caught the winning touchdown the only game the football team won sophomore year. You’re the guy that ate that shaker of pepper on a dare.


Glee- “Goodbye” (3x33)


Quinn and Puck scene